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Low Light Innovations filters can add a more pleasing tint to your Green Phosphor night vision device to reduce eye-strain experience during prolonged usage periods.

These filters thread into the body of your PVS or similar housing on the ocular lens.  The installation takes seconds, and can be removed just as quickly if you desire.

Light transmission loss is present but minimal, and is difficult to differentiate even under conditions with low ambient light.

These filters are available in

  • Blue (Giving an almost White Phosphor effect)

  • Half Amber (Increased light transmission vs. competitors)

  • Clear (To be used as a protective lens for airsoft)

We don't believe that something as simple as a filter needs to cost an outrageous amount of money, and we know that providing a more enjoyable night vision experience to our customers for an affordable price only serves to benefit the night vision community.

**DISCLAIMER** will only fit Carson glass without modification and AGMS pvs14 glass may require modification

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